Genital Herpes Cure Research

October 31, 2012


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  1. Coffee t Says:

    Someone says they contracted genital herpes after having surgical treatment for their appendix. They have had other wellness issues caused by childhood meningitis and they say this is just what caused the genital herpes to be “activated” in their body after their surgical treatment. Is this absolutely foolish or is it truly at all possible?


  2. Tover1977 Says:

    I am A HEPA – B Positive. I believe this illness is not treatable however still hoping for miracles. So I’ve been browsing in the net for a month seeking a response or a wonder to assist me with my illness. Then I wind up with my research called Wonder Mineral Solution. Does MMS will assist me with my disease? Does it give more complications or side effects? Is MMS a life time upkeep medication? Does taking MMS will lead me to my death?


  3. fattiemanny Says:

    and is there presently any research being done that looks appealing?


  4. Maria Golla Says:

    I have actually just recently had Bell’s Palsy and am just now getting over it. A woman that I understand who additionally had it stated after she got over it, she and her hubby decided they wished to have a child … but her Dr. stated she should not due to the fact that the BP can come back and it could cause more damage. Can anybody help me with this? Thanks!


  5. nick s Says:

    I have had genital herpes for about 4-5 months now … or have been having episodes ever since anyways. I know there is not a treatment for herpes, but I ‘d really like to discover a great/effective natural treatment. Up until now, I have been taking L-lysine. It appears to assist a great deal, but I’m questioning if there are other natural treatments out there that will certainly help reduce the number of episodes I have. My other question is this … it appears like the smallest thing will certainly launch an outbreak … irritability of a thong, anxiety, my duration, the string on a tampon, and sex … sex is the worst of all and triggers an awful outbreak … the others simply cause one or 2 delicate spots. Does this get much better over time? What about sex? Am I ever going to have the ability to enjoy sex once more? I have actually accepted the reality that I have it, however am still so confused and have no concept who I can talk with. I don’t have insurance, so it’s not inexpensive for me to go to the physician, or take prescribed medicine for it. Plus, I prefer natural treatments anyways. I have done a great deal of research and know all the essentials, but study hasn’t provided me the responses to everything. Please only serious responses. And I ‘d actually appreciate answers from individuals with individual experience just. Thank you a lot. In feedback to Silv … I can’t delight in sex due to the fact that any type of kind of friction down there triggers irritation and pain … I think I currently said that?


  6. Elijah luv Says:

    I need to know. My boyfriend has genital herpes and is on medication for it. He hasn’t had a breakout in a long time. We’ve had sex but have used a condom every time. But with all these precautions can I still get the STD?


  7. kiltakblog Says:

    once i have painfull ulcer on my genital it was diagonised as genital herpes, but all the screening shows there is no stds


  8. Ilse Sipos Says:



  9. Jerrod Milford Says:

    Earlier I uploaded “Today I was informed that I had HSV 2, and today I’m considering my future and was wondering exactly what it resembles to be around your forties or fifties with herpes, will it recurr extremely typically as you immune system depreciates with age and also exist any future remedies being developed? I likewise wanted to state that my first encounter with it was simply 4 little zits and then developed into little blisters that didn’t harmed and was asking yourself if it will be worst the following time? I. do not understand when I got it but I never ever had any pain at least not yet. I. did a blood examination when I saw the pimples and said it turned up favorable. with HSV 2. That drew ! ! How will I ever before discover anyone now? (Please publish a link to any future remedy that is being investigated). Can you please provide a way to contact you if you wish to help me. Thanks.


  10. Haphe1934 Says:

    I am a little anxious though because she didn’t tell me everything. All she said was it wasn’t something unsafe and there were moderate quantity of coccobacilli found. She recommended a cream for me which is Travocort cream 2 x a day and an anti-biotic which is cephalexin(cefalexin) 500 mg 3 x a day.


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