What To Do For Herpes Outbreak

July 16, 2012


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15 Responses to “What To Do For Herpes Outbreak”

  1. Rkmc Says:

    Back in March I was identified with Kind II of the Herpes virus. When I told my fiance, he specified that he had never experienced an episode in his life … which I can see it being real given that there hasn’t been anything visable during the time that we have actually been together (1 year and 5 months). However, because I’ve been with him, we haven’t been using protection. For that reason, is it feasible that he he May be carrying the virus and not know it?


  2. SKATEskum Says:

    Simply just recently my friend had a herpes episode and my dog liked her lip and she had a scorching on it. Could my dog get herpes and pass it to me or my spouse?


  3. Bligh1993 Says:

    Also, my daughter has actually had herpes outbreaks on her forehead because childhood years. Do you have any sort of info exactly how she at first contracted it? Did somebody who had a cold sore kiss her on the head? Does herpes lie dormant in all individuals and only a few have out breaks? How does it manifest initially?


  4. sam N Says:

    My boyfriend and I have been together for over a year and I simply got exactly what I believe to be a herpes outbreak. Never ever had one before, been checked many times over the years. Is it feasible that my boyfriend wasn’t unfaithful and that one of us had this before getting together with no sign till now? Or is he a cheater?


  5. diggn4richez Says:

    One day of just being careless and not that futurespective, I negligently refused to recognize the bump on my face as a fever blister. I wiped my eye, picked my nose. Whatever. Now I’m super scared about having an extra case of eye herpes and nose herpes. How long after initial infection do the symptoms (minor flu, bloodshot eyes, etc) start to show themselves? Keep in mind I’m not talking about a herpes outbreak, but the subtle symptoms that indicate you have herpes.


  6. josh12rox Says:

    I was asking yourself if a genital herpes break out could affect the accuracy of a residence maternity test & potentially offer an untrue outcome. Thanks …


  7. alberto s Says:

    If you answer this sarcastically or discourteous, I will state you since it isn’t amusing and can occur to you too. Exactly how commonly do you get a genital herpes episode? And when did you first beginning getting them? Do you take any type of antivirals for them? Thankss.


  8. Marlon P Says:

    My first herpes episode is almost over. I’ll be finished with the medicine on Friday. When or is it safe to shave downstairs cause this hair is actually bothering me.


  9. Shay H Says:

    I had sinus surgery about 2 months ago and ever since I have had a sinus infection. The huge problem is the herpes outbreak since the surgery has continuously gotten even worse. I am taking the episode quantity for the past week and it keeps becoming worse. Any assistance before I go see Doc?


  10. lucasg615 Says:

    I had sinus surgery about two months ago and ever since I have had a sinus infection. The big problem is the herpes outbreak since the surgical treatment has continuously worsened. I am taking the outbreak dosage for the previous week and it keeps getting worse. Any support prior to I go see Doc?


  11. kevindiking67verizonnet Says:

    i have genital herpes and i need to get an abortion. can i get the abortion done while i have a herpes episode on my privates? likewise exactly how long after the abortion can i begin making love again?


  12. Mc L Says:

    I was asking yourself does in impact the herpes outbreak more if I utilize a masturbation sleeve during that time?


  13. nmlpc Says:

    i have genital herpes and i have to get an abortion. can i get the abortion done while i have a herpes episode on my privates? likewise how long after the abortion can i start having sex once again?


  14. Bose1964 Says:

    I have actually had this rash on my chin and cuts on my lips for about 8 weeks now. They don’t itch, however it hurts when fluids enter contact with it. I have actually been to my physician twice and to a dermatolgist as soon as, who recommended desonide (used to deal with excema) twice a day and vaseline to keep it lubricated throughout the day. Neither said it was herpes, however I did have sexual relations about 3 weeks before the rash appeared which’s exactly what I think the rash and lesions look like. My question is, can a herpes outbreak last 8 weeks? I have looked online and the concensus has to do with 2-3 weeks for an episode. Obviously I pray that it isn’t really herpes, however if it is I want to get the appropriate treatment to clear it up asap. Any input would be considerably valued; thank you!


  15. Lisa Cohan Says:

    In 2012 I contracted genital herpes from an ex sexual partner. I have never ever taken any medication for it as I just get it really mildly around the time of my period, and by mildly I imply literally one tiny blister no bigger than the size of an ‘o’ on the display. However never-the-less, it is still a herpes break out. I have actually begun dating a truly lovely man and can imagine the relationship buckling down. We have not yet had any sort of sexual contact, nor mentioned sex at the moment either. I ‘d like to tell him since I want to be honest with him, but I don’t know how to bring it up nor the best ways to really inform him or when’s best to. Is it possible to still have a healthy sexual relationship with a partner without them contracting it? Either by not engaging in sexual contact when sensing a break out? Or whilst on Herpes suppression treatmeant? I always assume the worst case scenario when it concerns this kind of thing, but I am so concerned that he will cut all ties with me and tell people that I’m a promiscuous condition ridden lady and not to go near me.


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